Advertising Packages


Basic Listing

 Business Name
 Basic Contact Details(1)
 Business Description
 1 Business Category

Only R799 per year

Silver Listing

 Business Name
 Full Business Profile(3)
 Full Contact Details(2)
 Unlimited Business Description
 Up to 3 Categories(4)
 Link to Website
 GPS Coordinates
 Google Maps
 Priority Placement above Basic Listings

Only R1699 per year

Gold Listing

 Business Name
 Full Business Profile(3)
 Full Contact Details(2)
 Unlimited Business Description
 Up to 5 Categories(4)
 Link to Website
 GPS Coordinates
 Google Maps
 Business Logo
 Up to 12 Photos
 Priority Placement above Silver and Basic Listings

Only R2599 per year

(1) Basic contact details include contact person, main telephone number and e-mail address.
(2) Full contact details include contact person, telephone numbers, fax number, cell numbers, e-mail address, website address, postal address and physical address.
(3) Full business profile include business slogan, business hours and year established.
(4) To ensure the quality of the information published to the website, we reserve the right to decide whether a particular category is relevant to a specific business.

Franchise or Chain Store?

Receive Special Discount!

We offer discount rates if you advertise more than one of your branches with us. The discount is available on all our packages.

The table below shows the rates depending on the number of businesses being advertised.

Business no.Rate
1 to 5100% of rate
6 to 1080% of rate
11 to 2060% of rate
21 to 5040% of rate
51 and more20% of rate

Please contact us if you require further information.

Not-for-profit Organisation?

Advertise for Free!

Not-for-profit or public-interest organisations can advertise for FREE! Organisations such as churches, welfare organisations, museums, monuments, etc. could qualify for a free listing. On application, we will evaluate the merit of each organisation individually.


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Bright Ideas

More good reasons why your business will benefit from listing with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about BizPages.

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Detailed Comparison

  Basic Listing Silver Listing Gold Listing

Contact Information
Business Name Yes Yes Yes
Contact Person Yes Yes Yes
Telephone Yes Yes Yes
Telephone 2   Yes Yes
Telephone 3   Yes Yes
Cell Yes Yes Yes
Cell 2   Yes Yes
Cell 3   Yes Yes
Fax Yes Yes Yes
E-mail Yes Yes Yes
Website   Yes Yes
Postal Address Yes Yes Yes

Location Information
Location Yes Yes Yes
Physical Address Yes Yes Yes
GPS Coordinates   Yes Yes
Google Maps   Yes Yes

Business Profile
Business Description 1000 characters 5000 characters 10000 characters
Categories 1 Up to 3 Up to 5
Registered Business Name   Yes Yes
Business Slogan   Yes Yes
Year Established   Yes Yes
Business Hours   Yes Yes

Logos and Photos
Business Logo     Yes
Photos     Up to 12

Priority Placement
Placement   Above Basic Listings Above Basic and Silver Listings

Price R799 per year R1699 per year R2599 per year