About BizPages

Our History

The Need

Back in 2003, our founder Fred Senekal realised that the South African internet popularion is growing rapidly and that there is a large need to find accurate and reliable business information online. BizPages was born from this need - to provide online users with such data, and to afford South African businesses the opportunity to market themselves in an easy, effective and affordable way.

We have grown steadily since then, and have become one of South Africa's biggest and most respected online business directories.

The Company

BizPages is operated under BizPages CC, registration number 2003/045276/23.

The Websites

BizPages currently operates from two websites: www.bizpages.co.za and www.bizpages.biz. We plan to expand to international markets in the future.

Our Vision

Comprehensive and Reliable

Our vision is to become the most comprehensive and reliable source of business, product and service information in South Africa.

Our Mission

Provide accurate and useful business information

The quality of the information we provide is very important to us. To ensure quality, all the information published on our website is verified and professionally reviewed.

Many of the other business directories that exists in the South African market allow users to enter low quality information or even to create businesses that do not exist. We have systems in place to ensure that this does not happen.

Optimized for search engines

Our website is carefully optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing. Most information gathering on the Internet starts as a search query on one of the popular search engines. Unfortunately, many websites hide their information under Flash pages or deep in databases, which make it inaccessible to search engines.

As such, our engineers give careful attention to search engine optimization, to ensure top placement for important key phrases and optimal exposure to our advertisers.

User-friendly experience

The way in which our users interact with our website is very important to us. We aim to make the information we provide accessible in the easiest and most user-friendly way possible.

We try to build user interfaces that are intuitive, clear, easy to work with and functional. We also keep up with emerging Internet standards and design trends. We welcome suggestions on how we can improve and provide an even better experience.


We are firm believers in automation. It saves time, money and frustration. As such we provide our advertisers with the tools to manage and update their own information. We use our team of staff for more important tasks, such as reviewing information to ensure its quality and to optimize information for search engines.

Our Team

Good. Better. Best.

We employ a highly-trained professional team of people. Our employees care about the success of our business and know that it can only be achieved by caring about our advertisers and website users. We will go out of our way to assist you and ensure that your needs are served.


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