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For Users

What is BizPages?

BizPages is an internet business directory. On our website, we list information about businesses and other organisations in South Africa. We make it easy for people to find the businesses, products and services they are looking for. But we are more than just a business directory. We also provide a guide to South Africa, providing useful information to South Africans and our overseas visitors.

What is your website address?

Our website address is or

What information do you provide about businesses and organisations?

Businesses can list information such as telephone numbers, fax numbers, cell numbers, postal address, physical address, GPS coordinates, contact persons, business hours, slogans, logos, photos, business descriptions with detailed product and service information, etc.

How do I browse your business directory?

In our business directory, business listings are carefully sorted according to categories. At the highest level are general categories such as “Entertainment”, “Sport” or “Travel”. These are subdivided into more specific categories. For example, the “Entertainment” category might have sub-categories such as “Movies”, “Bars” or “Casinos”. Starting at the Home Page, you simply click on the categories, sub-categories, etc. you are interested in. At the lowest level, a list of businesses that provide products or services in that category will be displayed. You can then click on a specific business to read more about the products and services the business provides.

How do I limit business listings to a certain town or suburb?

When business listings are displayed for a certain category, look for the “Filter Results” tab on the right side of the page. You can limit business listings to a specific Province, Town/City, Suburb/Village or Mall/Shopping Centre by clicking on the name of the location.

How do I search your business directory?

At the top of each page, you will find a search box. In the “What” field, simply type the what you are looking for. It could be the name of a product or service, such as “Flowers” or “Plumbers” or the name of a specific business. Optionally, you can limit the businesses to a specific location by typing the name of the location in the “Where” field. Click on “Search”. We will show a list of categories and businesses that correspond to your search criteria.

For Advertisers

I would like to advertise my business on BizPages. How do I get started?

Please visit the Get Listed page to find out about the different options and how you can advertise your business on BizPages.

Is your service expensive?

Not at all. Starting from just R1 per day, you could be advertising your business on BizPages. That is less than the price of a movie ticket per month!

Why should I advertise my business on BizPages?

The Internet is an invaluable tool in today's economy. Research have shown that in the information age we live in, more and more people are turning to the Internet as their primary source of information. People want to find the products or services they are looking for, fast and effectively. Whether they are looking for a plumber to fix a burst pipe, a cover for a swimming pool, a school for the kids or the latest DVD of the movie they love, people rely on the Internet more and more.

As a business that want to succeed and grow, you need bring your products and services to the market effectively. At BizPages, we understand how people are using the Internet and how to best bring them in contact with what you have to offer. More than that, we employ techniques to drive Internet traffic to our website, ensuring that your business is visible to the people out there.

I have a website. Isn't that enough?

It could be. Unfortunately having a website is a bit like having a postal address. Just like having a postal address doesn't mean that there will be a lot of post waiting for you, so does having a website not mean that people will visit the website. It need to be effectively marketed. You need to establish an Internet presence.

At BizPages, we understand how to establish such a web presence. We bring potential clients in contact with you. If you already have a website, people who find you on BizPages may visit your website. If you do not currently have a website, advertising yourself on BizPages is a great way to start your Internet presence.

I don't have a website. Can you help me?

If you don't have a website, BizPages is the ideal way to start building your web presence. You will get a webpage dedicated to your business, with detailed business, product and service information. But more than that, we actively work to ensure that your page is optimally exposed to your target market.

Who can find information on the BizPages website?

Anyone who is connected to the Internet. Our website visitors range from users in South Africa who are looking for information about businesses to international travellers who visit South Africa.

What business information is advertised on BizPages?

Typical information include business name, contact person, telephone numbers, fax number, e-mail address, website address, postal address, physical address, business hours, area of operation, a description of the business activities, business logo and photos. The Advertising Packages page has a detailed description of the business information advertised with each advertising program.

My business information has changed. How can I update the information?

Please Contact Us. We will gladly update the information for you.

What are your contract/payment terms?

Our contracts with our clients are for a period of one year. After the first year (and every period of one year thereafter) the contract is automatically renewed. We require payment for our service at the beginning of year. Payment should be made directly into our bank account (we unfortunately do not accept cash or cheques). We will provide you with our banking details when the application for service is made. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

How do I cancel the service?

Please Contact Us to inform us that you would like to cancel the service. We will continue to advertise your business until the end of the contract term.