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Please fill out this online application to get listed on the BizPages website and enjoy all the benefits we offer. The information in sections 1 to 5 will be displayed on our website. Fields marked (required) need to be filled out in order to successfully process this form. Fields marked in (blue) provide examples or additional information on how the form should be filled out.

1. Business Name

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5. Business Profile

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Please provide a description of your business activities. (Writing suggestions: What is your business about? Where is the business located? Which areas do you serve? How long have you been operating? What services and/or products is your business offering? What makes your business unique? Why should clients use your services and/or products rather than someone else’s? Try not to make exaggerated claims such as “We are the absolute best…”. People find it easier to believe descriptive statements such as “We provide quality products…” or “We have 20 years experience in…”)

Basic Listing - up to 250 words
Silver/Gold/Special Listing - up to 1000 words

Business Categories: (required)

We will use your business description to determine which categories best matches your business activities. Please make sure that your business description describes the whole range of products and services that you offer. To ensure the quality of our website, we can only list a business in a specific category if the business description adequately indicates that the category is indeed applicable to the business.

To make it easier for us to determine which business categories are applicable to your business, please suggest possible categories below. For example, if your primary business is plumbing, you might describe yourself as “plumbing services” or “sanitary engineers”. If you are a photographer, an applicable category may be “photographers”, or perhaps “wedding photographers” if that is your speciality. You might also do different things, for example, if you are a motor mechanic, categories such as “vehicle repairs” and “vehicle parts” may both be applicable to you.

Please list each category on a seperate line. You can browse our website to see examples of currently existing categories.

Basic Listing - 1 category.
Silver Listing - up to 3 categories.
Gold/Special Listing - up to 5 categories.

6. Client and Billing Information

The information provided in this section will not be displayed on our website. Please provide us with the contact information for the person that can be contacted with regard to this listing.

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