Red Phoenix Productions

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Contact Information
Contact Person:
Faaiz Arend
021 423 4349
082 805 4939
086 758 8896
Postal Address:
PO Box 2
Cape Town
Location Information
Cape Town, Cape Town Central
68 Bree Castle House
Cape Town Central
Cape Town
Red Phoenix Productions is a Media Marketing company that was launched to create a platform for emerging and established businesses in South Africa.

Our Key focus for 2011 & 2012 is the Electronics & Technology sector where Business in Africa is generally growing amid a Global recession which is currently affecting the Western & European markets negatively more so.

Manufactured goods are in demand in emerging economies such as Africa specifically versus the resource demand from many Asian economies.

This is where we tie the knots, so to speak, whereby the platform we provide at our expo's gives local entrepreneurs & existing local retailers an opportunity to source cutting edge technology and improve client turnover.

Our Focus is on the Creativity & Sub Culture base as well. Some key elements in society that zones in on recreational media and company market positioning to take advantage of these aspects in reality forms part of youth interpretation and action.

Red Phoenix Productions has successfully organized many educational & fun events in the past. Our key services were used at many of Cape Town's major events.

Lookout on our official website that will be launched in December 2011, for new events and media services on offer.