About IT Pty (LTD) (Bloemfontein)

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Contact Information
Contact Person:
Inge Webber
083 292 5856
Location Information
Bloemfontein, Oos-Einde
23 Bob Morrison Street
About IT (Pty) Ltd consists of a group of companies that provide IT solutions to a multifaceted information technology industry by satisfying the demands of a knowledgeable customer base.

Our technological answers can accommodate any client's business requirements and range from Business Financial Management Solutions, Network and Hardware Solutions, Internet Services, Development to Training and Recruitment.

With a sound history of over fifty years combined experience in the information industry, About IT is firmly established as a leader in supplying products and services that cater for businesses ranging from small and medium to large enterprises. About IT is one of a limited number of companies in this industry with a long track record of experience and effectiveness in addressing the diverse needs of a large and continually growing client base, spanning the private households, corporate, academic and government markets.

The company is renowned for understanding and catering for, the needs of information technology users across a broad spectrum of markets, and strives to bring a total solution to its clients' information technology needs by using specific elements from its portfolio of products and drawing on both its technical and people skills.